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Kayak Englewood

Kayaking Tours in Englewood, Manasota Key and Boca Grande

Kayak with SUP Englewood in Boca Grande, Manasota Key, Englewood and Southwest Florida. We launched in 2012 as a touring company and we remain committed to providing your with the best locations.  Guided Kayaking Tours is one of our specialities.  Explore the local waterways with an expert and Florida native.  Learn more about kayaking guided eco tours.

What are the benefits of taking a kayak tour?

The biggest benefit to taking a kayak tour is seeing more marine life on the water.  Moreover, you can expect to learn about the coastal ecosystem.  Additionally, your kayak tour guide will name every bird, fish and sea creature you see while paddling.  It’s an experience the whole family can enjoy!

Kayak Rentals Englewood, Manasota Key and Boca Grande

Kayak Rentals and Guided Eco Tours in Englewood Florida

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Rental Equipment can be used for kayak fishing trips.  Bring your own rod and tackle.  We’ll take care of the rest!  Simply request one of our fishing kayaks when booking with us.  This will provide you with rod holders for efficient paddling while kayak fishing.  We use Pescador 12′ Fishing Kayaks for a premier experience on the waterways.

Kayak Rentals

Kayak Englewood, Boca Grande and Manasota Key with kayak rental equipment.  Expect top of the line gear with your kayak rentals. Experience some of the newest kayaking equipment in the area.

Why Use Sit on Top Kayaks in Coastal Waterways?

Self-bailing kayaks is the safest option for beginners. Sit on top boats will help to keep you cool in the hot, Florida sun. Storage is located at the back of every kayak, perfect for storing cold drinks, sunscreen, and fishing supplies.

Kayak barrier islands in Southwest Florida

Kayak the flat waterways and barrier islands in Southwest Florida. Spend your vacation or free time paddling along the coastline, fishing, or exploring the mangroves. Discover the best locations for paddling as we tour the top kayaking destinations in Southwest Florida.

Kayak Englewood and surrounding areas

Areas of Southwest Florida offer a similar style of coastline, Kayak Englewood and see the difference for yourself.  SUP Englewood offers three touring destinations for you to explore with a guide or solo.  Create your own kayaking adventure.

Kayaking Tips for Paddling in Southwest Florida

Don't Tip Your Kayak!

What can I bring with me on a kayak?

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Flip Flops or Water Shoes
  • Any medication that might be needed during the trip
  • Pack a light snack if you’re diabetic or have any other medical conditions
  • We provide dry bags for your keys and cell phone.  Although we recommend leaving valuables in the car.

More Recommendations for Kayaking Rentals & Tours:

  • Towels for the car
  • A change of clothes if you plan on going anywhere afterwards
  • Always eat before you go paddling as you’ll burn lots of calories paddling in the sun and you need energy.
  • Show up hydrated.
  • Avoid heavy drinking the evening prior to your paddling trip.  We’ve had many guests that struggle with hydration after an evening out.
  • If you’re enjoying the beach and other outdoor activities remember your sunscreen.  Sunburn can make other outdoor activities unbearable afterwards.
Kayak Rentals and Tours with SUP Englewood

Kayaking Tours and Rentals Include Everything You Need

Kayaking Tours and Kayak Rentals include all water sports equipment and safety equipment needed.  Before kayaking, our staff reviews a paddling map of the area.  Additionally, our guides and staff will provide you with water safety information.  During a kayaking land lesson, you can expect to learn about boating lanes, paddling hazards, and tips for padding.

Important Recommendations for Paddling with Medical Conditions

Additionally SUP Englewood recommends guided tours with a certified instructor in water safety for anyone with a medical diagnosis that poses a safety risk while on the water.

For example, medical conditions include:
  • Diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Seizure disorders
  • History of fainting
  • Asthma
  • Insect Allergies

Moreover, anything that can cause you lose consciousness on the water is a serious risk to your safety.  Please inform our staff so we can assist you in booking the best and safest experience for you.

Kayak Rental & Guided Tour Locations


Don Pedro Island State Park

8450 Placida Road Placida, FL 33946

* This Florida State Park is open Wednesday to Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM.  Last rentals go out at 12 PM for return by 4 PM.

Woolverton Trails

Kayak Launch on Placida

Fishery Road parking lot located off Placida Rd in Englewood

Paddle the cape haze peninsula and discover the Woolverton Trails.  This area is home to many marine creatures and miles of mangrove tunnels. This is not an area to venture solo as it is easy to get turned around. If you have never paddled the trails a guided experience is highly recommended. This area is best to avoid during mosquito season which is May – October. It is stunning and a great area to explore Nov-April.

Boca Grande

Kayak Launch on19th Street in Boca Grande

19th Street East Boca Grande, FL

This is a Lee County Park with free parking.  This park is available for rental drop offs 7 days a week. SUP Englewood launches at this location every Monday & Tuesday.  Call us at 941-265-2925 to request a rental drop off any day of the week. Reservations required for all rentals.

Kayak Surrounding Areas of Englewood, Florida

Custom Locations | Your Private Waterfront

Occasionally we receive requests for tours and rentals on private waterfront property.  Before contacting us, we ask that you have the following:

  1. Parking for a large enclosed trailer (if we’re coming by land)
  2. If we’re coming by water a place to dock.  *Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of people because equipment is large.
  3. Safe access into the water via a sandy area
  4. We do not launch people into the water off docks or seawalls

Custom Kayak Tour & Rental Locations

  • Palm Island | Knight Island
  • Little Gasparilla Island | Don Pedro Island
  • Gasparilla Island | Boca Grande
  • Placida
  • Cape Haze
  • Punta Gorda
  • Manasota Key | Englewood
  • Venice Island
  • Casey Key