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Paddle Board Englewood!

Paddle board Englewood on a guided eco tour, lesson, or equipment rental. Discover wildlife, manatees, and dolphins while exploring the barrier islands in Lemon Bay. No experience required! SUP Englewood will teach you everything you need to know about paddle boarding.

SUP Englewood offers small group tours and private trips for your family. Simply ask for a private tour or lesson when you call. There’s nothing safer than experiencing nature with your family.


Have fun!

Take one of our maps and explore on your own.  Discover cool mangroves and lots of wildlife along the way.


Fun for the whole family!

Have confidence bringing the family on a paddling adventure with a certified instructor.  Learn about paddling and explore the marine wonders of Manasota Key.

Sunset Tours

Enjoy the ambiance!

Sunsets on Manasota Key are amazing!  Paddle through pristine waterways and enjoy the ambiance and twilight sky.

Eco Tours

Discover Nature!

Let the wildlife come to you on a paddle boarding adventure in Lemon Bay!  Dolphins, manatees, fish, birds and live shells are frequently spotted on eco tours.

Paddle Board Lessons Start on Land

*A Paddle Board Land Lesson is included for free on every rental, tour and lesson.  All safety equipment is provided for every person on the water.

A land lesson will be provided for basic safety before starting out on the water. This Stand Up Paddle Board lesson will cover the following:
1. How to properly stand up on the paddle board.
2. Basic paddle stroke for paddle boarding (how to go straight)
3. Basic turns for paddling (how to steer)
4. Balancing techniques for beginners.
5. Identify paddling hazards.
6. How to Self-Rescue
7. Safety tips for paddling the Gulf of Mexico and Lemon Bay

Paddle board Rentals, Tours and Lessons in Englewood

Paddle Board Rental Rates

Paddle board lessons include time on land and in the water practicing your skills
  • Paddle Board Lessons
  • $ 65
    Per Board
  • 2 Person Minimum Required

Paddle Board Lessons

Paddle Board Englewood! Anyone can SUP!

What will you learn on a lesson?

1. How to prevent injury
2. How to self-rescue
3. The boating laws and safety tips
4. Local knowledge of paddling hazards
5. All the skills you need before venturing out solo
SUP Englewood provides a progression for those who want to learn about this new sport. There’s a lot of information on stance, stroke, turns, balance, fitness, surf and flat water. We offer daily Beginner Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons. These trips include everything that a beginner needs to have a fun and safe experience on the water.

Lessons also include:

1. PaddleFIT Certified Instructor is with you the whole TIME
2. Cross-Bow and Pivot Turns
3. Feathering
4. The Power Zone
5. Paddle Drills
6. Skills Training

Paddle boarding is as strenuous as you want it to be. Whether you’re looking to get into touring, racing, distance, or stamina training. Paddling drills will help you to learn proper stroke and give you options for practicing on your own.

Guided Eco Tours

Paddle Board Guided Eco Tours in Englewood

Paddle Board Guided Eco Tours focus on instruction for beginners and environmental education. Florida Master Naturalist certified tour guides lead groups around the barrier islands. You’ll learn so much about the enviornment and see lots of wildlife. Live shells like couch, sea stars and sea urchins are frequently spotted. Wading birds can be seen fishing along the shorelines. Common sightings include the great blue heron, snowy egret, and little blue herons. Lemon Bay is home to many dolphins and manatees, if you’re lucky you’ll see one while you’re paddling!

Paddle Boarders and Kayakers are welcome on our guided eco tour. This is a perfect family outing for all ages.

  • Private Guided Eco Tours
  • $ 65
    Per Board
  • 2 Person Minimum Required
Tour guide finds many marine creatures on kayak guided eco tour