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Navigating Through Hurricane Idalia: Updates and Safety Tips

Hurricane Idalia Updates

Today, we’re writing this post with a heavy heart, as Hurricane Idalia made landfall in north Florida earlier today. While we were fortunate to remain unscathed, localized flooding and property damage occurred in our service areas. We’re grateful that recovery in our community will be swift, but we’re keeping an eye on the weather, as Hurricane Idalia is still active and headed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Family Emergency and Temporary Closure

Sadly, the storm has directly impacted our family. My husband’s parents experienced flooding in their garage in Crystal River, FL. We’ll be assisting them tomorrow with supplies and services, so we’ve decided to close operations until Wednesday, September 6th, 2023. On that day, I will be undergoing hand surgery to remove some skin cancer, which will likely keep me off the water for the rest of September.

Service Updates

Our guide Mike will be conducting tours & rentals at Stump Pass Beach State Park on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through late September. We’ll also remain open on weekends at Don Pedro Island. As always, reservations are required for our services.

Safety Tips in the Wake of Hurricane Idalia

With the storm affecting our water conditions, we urge beginners to refrain from paddling in these strong currents. Even if you consider yourself adept, it’s always best to be humble about your paddling skills, especially under current weather conditions.

Paddling Awareness and Skill Level

Know Your Limits: If conditions are too severe for your skill level, there’s no shame in postponing your trip.

Take a Safety Course: If you plan to paddle in various conditions, consider taking a safety course to learn advanced paddling techniques and emergency protocols.

Learn More: Read our blog on paddling in strong currents and wind conditions.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the disruption in our regular scheduling this month. We look forward to serving you all and returning to our normal operations in October.

Stay safe and respect the waters

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