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How to Stand on a Paddleboard

How do you stand on a paddleboard? This is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive working in the SUP industry. The truth is, the ease of balancing on the SUP board varies with each person. However with a little bit of instruction and guidance anyone can stand on Stand Up Paddle Board. The more you practice the easier balancing becomes.

Calm water is best for learning how to stand on the SUP board. Bayside locations are perfect since they usually have flat water. However make sure that you choose an area that does not heavy boat traffic. The wake from passing boats can cause some instability for beginners.

I recommend that everyone start off paddle boarding while sitting or kneeling. The kneeling stance is best to help your body get used to balancing on the board. However if you have knee problems then sitting on the SUP board is best.

Once you feel comfortable with paddling and balancing while kneeling, it’s time to try out standing. Moving from a kneeling position to standing is probably the most difficult part but it’s over in only a few moments. It’s really just a simple transition.

Start kneeling then place your hands on the front of the board.
Make sure that your feet are positioned parallel to the handle, and are hip distance apart.
Then stand up slowly, keeping your knees bent with the paddle in your hands.
Paddle for stability!
Keeping your paddle in the water is very important. You’ll have more balance by keeping your paddle out to the side and in the water.

That’s it. Hopefully we’ll have some demonstration videos up soon! If you have any questions feel free to leave comments below.

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