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Sunset & Moonrise Paddle Boarding

Paddling at dusk is one of the most beautiful times to be on the water. The sky glows from the setting sun and moon begins to rise over the horizon. Paddle boarding during this time is an incredible experience. After the sunset, the water glows with your paddle strokes as bioluminescent marine life lights your way. Comb jellies are often seen shimmering in the water as you paddle by them. Decide to be adventurous and paddle under the stars with SUP Englewood.

Moonrise Paddle Boarding

Moonrise Paddle Boarding

Paddling in a group is safer in the evening and more enjoyable. Local paddlers gather once a month to paddle together under the moon. These events are a great way to meet local paddlers in our area. They are also free if you bring your own kayak or paddleboard to the event. Guides are provided for this event to ensure safety on the water.

Paddle Boarding Events feature occasional Moonrise Paddle Boarding

This month the group will meet at Blind Pass Beach & Park on Manasota Key. This location launches into Lemon Bay and is a perfect spot for paddling in the evening. The water here is shallow and marine life abundant. The boat lanes are far away from the launch location, which is safer for evening paddling. This paddling area is very protected from wind. A mangrove cove is located a short paddle away. Enjoy the pristine views of the coastal habitat that surrounds Manasota Key.

Paddle Boarding in Lemon Bay

Paddle Board Experience Recommended

Paddle boarding experience is recommended for nighttime paddling. If you decide try an evening paddling adventure, always go with a friend. Keep in mind the U.S. Coast Guard requires lights on your vessel and a flare just in case. The beauty of the evening is breathtaking and overall a very safe experience on the water. The experience of paddling at night offers an amazing view of the coastline. Explore nature in our area under the moonlight with old and new friends. This is a fun opportunity to spend time with a group of people who share common interests. A relaxing way to finish your day and spend the evening.

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